PhShop is provided with the following certifications :

Quality Management System certificate UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 No.2807 :

It is used both in private and public field to increase trust in the products and services offered by companies, between commercial partners in B2B relations, and in choosing the right suppliers for the supply chain and in participation in tenders.

Wholesale Distribution Authorization (WDL) 

PhShop deals with the distribution of products, thanks to the Wholesale distribution authorization for pharmaceuticals for human use N° 146 del 06/12/2010, D.L.vo N° 219 del 24/04/2006.

Authorization for the wholesale trade of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances

For the substances belonging to the pharmaceutical product table, Sections A, B, C D, E according to D.P.R. Num. 309 -9/10/1990